National Do Not Call Registry


National Do Not Call Registry


The National Do Not Call Registry was started to help prevent telemarketers from calling you. When you sign up you will see a major decrease in telemarketing calls. The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) started the registry to stop most unwanted cold calls. The FTC uses fines to enforce the National Do Not Call Registry.

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1. How to sign up for the Do Not Call Registry

Joining the National Do Not Call Registry is simple. Visit and enter the landline or cell number you want on the list. There’s a quick email verification and you’re done.

You can also call 1-888-382-1222 from any phone you want on the list. Your number stays on the list until you ask for it to be removed or you give up the number.

Warning: You may receive calls from people claiming to work at the Do Not Call Registry or Federal Trade Commission. They’ll claim your number isn’t listed on Do Not Call and offer to sign you up – you just have to provide some personal information. This is always a scam. The Federal Trade Commission will not call you to put you on the Do Not Call Registry.


2. What the Do Not Call Registry covers and doesn’t cover

The Do Not Call Registry keeps you off of for-profit business calling lists, but this doesn’t happen right away. Telemarketers update their lists every few days, so the FTC says it can be up to 31 days before it goes into effect.

If you receive an unexpected sales call after you’ve registered your number, and you’ve been registered on the list for 31 days, you can file a complaint. Just go to or call 1-888-382-1222. Make sure you can provide the date of the call and the company’s name or phone number.

Political organizations, charities and survey takers are still permitted to call you. Businesses you’ve bought something from or made a payment to in the last 18 months also have a right to call. They must honor your request if you ask them not to call you.

Sometimes on a call from a survey company, they’ll ask if they can make a follow-up call. If you agree, then an associated for-profit company can call you too, decline any offers for a follow-up.

Be careful and read the fine print when signing up for sweepstakes and free product offers. It may say the company can send you with telemarketing calls.

The rules say, most businesses can’t call you with prerecorded telemarketing messages, also known as robocalls, without your written permission. Political and informational robocalls, such as those received from healthcare providers, banks and schools, are still allowed.


3. Cellphones on the Do Not Call Registry

The FTC says all unsolicited telemarketing calls or robocalls to cellphones are illegal even if you have not signed up. If you’re getting unsolicited marketing calls, ask the caller how they got your number and tell them you don’t want to be contacted. If they call back, file a complaint using the information given above.

Its a good idea to register all your landline and cellphone numbers, because if you do receive a telemarketing call, that’s a good sign the person on the other end is a scammer. Legitimate telemarketers don’t want to risk a $16,000 fine for breaking the law and ignoring the Do Not Call Registry.


4. Call Blockers – We highly recommend them

No More To Robocalls, Political Calls, Scam Calls, Unwanted Calls, Nuisance Calls, Telemarketing Calls: Block All At The Touch Of A Button!

The newest CPR V5000 Call Blocker features a 3 Inch caller display screen, large “Block Now” button, 6500 number capacity and has the ability to block unwanted callers from Cordless DECT extension handsets by pressing #2.

V5000 Main Features:

Easy To Use Controls: With CPR Call Blocker’s easy to use control buttons you can view the callers number on its large 3 Inch display and view the blocked number list as well as see how many times that Blocked number has tried to recall. If required blocked numbers can be easily removed from the block list using the delete button (See Images above).

Built in Number List: The CPR Call Blocker is pre-programmed with more than 5000 numbers which are ‘deemed’ as known nuisance callers. Companies which are selling by phone, using overseas call centers and automated sales lists are all pre-programmed which will minimize the sales calls you receive almost immediately.

Block Now Function: The ‘Block Now’ button is located on the top of the unit. At the touch of a button the unwanted caller’s number is logged into the unit’s memory, the call will hang up and the number blocked permanently. This feature allows you to block up to 1500 unwanted callers as they are calling you.

#2 Blocking Function: Block a number by entering #2 on any DECT handset connected to the telephone base.

Manual Entry: Manually enter or remove numbers to/from the Blocking list

Compatibility: Compatible will all major US line providers including AT&T, Comcast, Ooma, Verizon, Century Link, Frontier etc.


CPR V5000 Call Blocker – No More Robocalls, Political Calls, Scam Calls, Unwanted Calls. Block All At The Touch Of A Button!